We Are Excited To Share One Of Our Most Successful Partnerships. Seven Hearts Publishing, LLC And Sette Cuori Press™ Have Become The Exclusive Digital & Print Book Publisher In The United States And The United Kingdom Of "The Ring Of The Witch: The Curse Of Apollo" From Ivan Del Valle.


When Ivan Contacted Us For Reviewing His Book, We Were Impressed By His Ability To Combine "Stage Script" And "Screenplay" Techniques In Delivering A Non-Traditional And Creative Way Of Immersing You In The Center Of His Nerve-Racking Mythological Fiction Story. We Just Finished Coordinating The Production Of His Audiobook! Would You Like To Become The Next Independent Author Signed By Us? Click here!


Sette Cuori Press™ Proudly Presents...

The Ring Of The Witch: The Curse Of Apollo

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On The Back Cover:

"I've been here before... This darkness... A rusty '53 Bel Air frame covered by undergrowth with the German license plate 'W-MM 9615'... Something moved!!! For God's sake! That thing moved!! It's... a woman... Her face looks gaunt... She looks like... a witch... Is she dying? Oh, my God, Is that a wedding dress? It is almost disintegrated by time... I can still see the silk sleeves with the crystal elements. She still has the tiara and veil... She has a dead bouquet, a pearl bracelet, and a turquoise handkerchief in her hands. Is that thing glowing... a wedding ring? I feel the urgency to... touch it...

WHAT THE!!!!!! – [The witch sat down in an unexpected violent movement. He fell and started screaming, trying desperately to run away from that place. The witch was shaking uncontrollably, screaming repeatedly in an unsupportable high pitch...] "VAHN!" "DAH!" "KORA!" "VAHN!" "DAH!" "KORAAA!!”

A powerful German Consortium operating in London... The Interpol conducting a worldwide investigation on plundered archaeological objects. A legend about a ring and four sacred objects that if reunited would trigger devastating events for humanity… The new Professor at Birkbeck never imagined that his recurring nightmare was going to lead him to a fast-paced thriller involving complex characters with supernatural powers...

About The Book:

Publisher: Seven Hearts Publishing, LLC / Sette Cuori Press™
Book Title: The Ring Of The Witch: The Curse Of Apollo
Genre: Fiction > Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Target Distribution: WW Network Of 39,000 Booksellers, Online Retailers, and Libraries.

Information: https://www.sevenheartspublishing.com/featured-book

Ordering Details:

- U.S. Copyright Office Certificate Of Registration: PAu 3-861-631
- Library Of Congress Control Number (2nd Edition LCCN): 2018903784
- ISBNs: 978-0692895856 / 978-0999199503 / 978-0999199510
- Goodreads: https://bit.ly/2Nplgfv - Author Site: http://www.ivandelvalle.com
- WW Printed Book Availability - https://bit.ly/2ydmEME
- Audiobook - http://a.co/0pQC5yd / Kindle e-book - http://a.co/7pQSMoZ
- iBooks/Nook/Kobo e-books - https://apple.co/2ICKOF5 - https://bit.ly/2DUdZ7I - https://bit.ly/2PbUvNd

About The Author:

Ivan Del Valle is an Enterprise Architect, proudly born and raised in the beautiful Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico. He currently resides with his beloved wife and dogs in the United States in one of the most romantic places in the world, which is the Historic Charleston District of South Carolina. His experience working with geographically dispersed teams sets the base for his writing, which he describes as creative, bold, and full of spontaneity.