Seven Hearts Publishing, LLC Announces Exclusive Publishing Distribution Agreement For The Ring Of The Witch Book Series


BUFFALO, Wyo., March 20, 2018 – Seven Hearts Publishing, LLC and their Sette Cuori Press™ Division today announced an exclusive agreement with author Ivan Del Valle to publish and manage the worldwide distribution of his book series “The Ring Of The Witch” through an extensive network of 39,000 booksellers, online retailers, and libraries. The agreement also covers rights licensing and global rights sales for movies, screenplays, audio books, and foreign language translations.


“It is an honor and privilege for me to enter into this expanded partnership with SHP. They have demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to this project that originated in social media in 2016. It took a bold and visionary partner to invest in a non-conventional fiction storyline that resembled more a dark psychological thriller, and I am very confident about their ability to bring the series to the next level of worldwide distribution.” says the Writer, Ivan Del Valle.


The second book of the series, “The Ring Of The Witch: The Rise Of Amun-Ra” is expected to be available in stores by the end of September of year 2020. The sequel to “The Ring Of The Witch: The Curse Of Apollo” ( ISBN: 978-0692895856 – ) will combine the same elements that made the original fast-paced mythological thriller an international favorite, such as suspenseful discoveries and betrayals, complex characters, exotic locations, and real-life organizations, all culminating in a nerve-racking unexpected ending.


Details of the book

Del Valle’s writing style is unique. Instead of relying on detailed descriptions of people, places, and scenes (as in traditional novels), he once again writes the second installment almost entirely on dialogues that felt incredibly real and compelling, deeply exploring some of the key cultural values and social stereotypes experienced every day in one way or another.


Blurb of The Ring Of The Witch: The Rise Of Amun-Ra - "A dangerous Russian oligarch threatening the stability of the world. Four prominent Research Scientists gone missing – experts in the fields of Nanomedicine, Brain Neuro-Networks, Biofuels Production, and Environmental Archaeology. Several World Heritage Monuments destroyed. A financial scandal at the UNESCO. A violent serial killer on the run... The newly-promoted Dean of Computational Social Sciences at Birbeck University wasn’t expecting that night the frantic request for help from an unexpected visitor… Antonio Boutros, the Secretary-General of the United Nations."


Follow the book updates by bookmarking . The third and final installment of the series, “The Ring Of The Witch: The End Of All Times” is expected to be published during the last quarter of year 2021.


About the Author

Ivan Del Valle is an IT Enterprise Architect, proudly born and raised in the beautiful Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico. He currently resides with his beloved wife and dogs in the United States in one of the most romantic places in the world, which is the Historic Charleston District of South Carolina. His experience working with geographically dispersed teams sets the base for his writing, which he describes as creative, bold, and full of spontaneity.


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